New England – July 2020 – Photo Story/Essay

Judges Comments

This category most always comes down to editing when judging. We’ve done it as well. We want to show too much when telling a story when in the end, the tighter edit is a stronger one. That being said, first place was a nice collection of pictures from a situation where the photographer couldn't photograph the subject's faces. With the degree of difficulty being really high, they did a good job of still making storytelling images despite the constraints, if any, they were under. We’re sure the photographer wishes they could have ridden overnight or another day. The collection of NEOWISE comet photos was really well executed. Bonus points for trying to get creative on this. By having some time to think about it from night-to-night, the photographer came up with different situations/locations to shoot by. We liked where they were going with it. The freeway overpass put it over the top for us. The Community River story had plenty of good angles and key visual elements that made it a joy to look at.

Judges: Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News, Smiley Pool/The Dallas Morning News, Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News