About: Monthly News Clip Contest

The Monthly News Clip Contest (“MNCC”) is one of the most popular and longest standing of NPPA member contests. Open exclusively to association members, it provides still photographers with an opportunity to share their published work and compete against some the best photographers in their region each month. The contest also includes critiques of images and the chance for winning members to share their work with both members and non-members alike.

For the 2016 contest and onward the MNCC features seven categories – Spot News, General News, Sports Action, Sports Feature, Single Picture Feature, Photo Story/Essay, and Portrait/Illustration – and nine regions.

Points are awarded for 1st (50), 2nd (40) and 3rd (30) place entries. Photographers are also awarded five points for each month they enter*. The photographer who accumulates the most points in each region during the year is named Regional Photographer of the Year, provided the photographer has shown versatility by placing in at least two of the seven contest categories during the year. In addition, monthly winners in each region are combined and judged to select national 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category. The photojournalist with the most points at the end of the year is named National Clip Contest Photographer of the Year.

For more on the MNCC and full details on categories, entry processes and image guidelines, visit the MNCC rules page.

Contact your regional clip chair with any questions, issues, or to volunteer to judge.

National Monthly Co-Clip Chairs:

Pu Ying Huang


Sean D. Elliot

New England Region:
Allegra Boverman


Geoff Forester


N.Y./International Region:

Monique Woo


Mid-Atlantic Region:

Joe Lamberti

Southeast Region:
Vasha Hunt

Midwest Region:
MaCabe Brown


South Region:
Rick Choate

Central Region:
Adam Vogler


Northwest Region:
Meegan Reid

West Region:
Jane Tyska