South – February 2020 – Photo Story/Essay

Judges Comments

This category wasn't difficult to come up with a top three, but wanted to make note of how many entries were just a bunch of images thrown together without any thought of narrative flow or even a point. Although there were many great single images, a shotgun approach to covering Mardi Gras doesn't do much to tell us a story. And editing is a thing. We don't need eight out of 15 wide-angle pictures of floats in an essay. That being side... 1st was a great story the photographer found and executed extremely well. Full of moments, interesting compositions and each image left you wanting more. Well done. 2nd Was a well-reported essay where every image added to information. There was no redundancy and each picture made a point and had a reason for being included. And the photography was creative and took a lot of visual chances. 3rd solid event coverage loaded with great moments and a couple of really great pictures. Probably could have used a couple of images culled, but overall it was a feel-good piece which we're sure the community loved.

Judges: Denny Simmons/Evansville Courier & Press, Sam Owens/Evansville Courier & Press, MaCabe Brown/Evansville Courier & Press