Region 9 – April 2015 – General News

Judges Comments

Rather weak category despite a large number of entries. Top four photos were head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. First place was a wonderful example of making the most of a mundane assignment. Excellent job of seeing something that most probably would have missed. Second place, good job of composing the image and getting to a vantage point a lot of daily photographers wouldn't worry about getting to. Third place had a great feel about it, especially after reading the caption. Good job of capturing a sense of majestic solitude that such a job entails. Honorable mention goes to the young girls looking disgustingly at the owl. Good faces and a nice moment; just didn't work as well as the top three. We can only guess as to what the presenter was saying about the owl at that moment (regurgitating fur and bone pellets, maybe?).

Judges: Kris Wilson/Jefferson City News Tribune, Kile Brewer/Jefferson City News Tribune