South – March 2024 – General News

Judges Comments

First Place: This is such a classic image of security personnel waiting for Air Force One. The framing of the image is very good. You don’t need so much plane to understand what’s going on and it frames the three men, which plays well here. Fingers in their earpieces and looking down to shield their head, you can feel how uncomfortable they are. This is well done, even in difficult weather. Second Place: Covering political events indoors can often be a visually dull affair, but this is a striking reflection during a normal event. The governor is caught at a good moment during a speech with those surrounding her. The color in the image is well toned. Cutting the frame is difficult with an image like this, but they made it work. Third place: This series had a number of strong images that captured a diverse range of bright and inviting photos. However, it could benefit from a tighter edit. We would consider what image the photographer wants to start with. Don’t bury your best image in the mix. Great details and mediums with action! Honorable Mention: This is a very strong image under cramped conditions. There are so many people around the edges and behind, but the photographer really got a clear photograph of the Representative during a quiet, thoughtful moment. The supporter's hand on top of her hand stood out to us. Without being there, we feel how impactful she is to this group. Category notes: As in most of the categories this month, General News had a lot of great submissions. Remember that when submitting a multiple photo entry, your weakest photo could bring down an otherwise stellar series. There was one series with an outstanding lead image that we believed to be a first-place contender, but repetition throughout the rest of the series took it out of placing position. Think visual variety! Photographs should be varied in both subject and distance. And if not, consider that submitting a single, strong photo may be the better alternative.

Judges: Kriston Jae Bethel/Freelance, Sarah Landwehr/Professor, Temple University