Southeast – February 2024 – General News

Judges Comments

The entries seemed a little flimsy overall, but we really liked the DeSantis podium shot. I like how he used a reflection of a constituent in the teleprompter with DeSantis. Photographer does more than take a podium shot, he takes an extra way of looking at things. The judge with his head in hands looks like a good emotion. It exemplifies what most must think about the law system right now. The 100th birthday was a cute moment. It looks like they have affinity to each other which the caption assures. Would have liked to see this shot from a lower angle. Feed the hungry was a good compositional moment. His arms and face placement and the framing of the workers creates a swirl that lets the eye circle around the inside of the image.

Judges: N. Scott Trimble/Advance Media New York, Dennis Nett/Advance Media New York