Midwest – November 2023 – Portrait/Illustration

Judges Comments

It appears all are shot with a wide angle lens. Judges would’ve like to see more lens variation. First: This image stood out because the man is photographed with dignity. It also has a thorough caption, which delivers the nuts and bolts of a heartbreaking story. Switching from color to black and white likely helped because the eye goes directly to the wife’s face and makes her the focus. Nice use of available light, which highlights the framed picture without blowing it out. Good use of negative space. Second: Strong emotion in father’s face overrides any faults in Composition. Would’ve been stronger as a vertical image as the background doesn’t add additional information about the subject. Third: Good use of controlled lighting and a wide angle lens. Higher viewpoint works. Solid environmental portrait.

Judges: Cindy Schultz/Independent Photographer, Caroline Couig/Independent Picture Editor