Central – November 2023 – Portrait/Illustration

Judges Comments

First Place: “AOY” stood out as the first-place winner in this category. We like the composition and the unique way the pattern formed on the lockers. The lighting on the subject is simple, but very well done. Second Place: “Donut Dollies” has a nice use of natural light. We appreciate how the photographer used the space they were in to make a well-composed photo. It's nice to see a touch of the setting to give depth to the photo. Third Place: The wide angle of “Lawsuit” is a nice way to give the viewer a sense of place. Alternate: The subject looks relaxed in “Vet,” and the photo is well lit. But, the photographer missed an opportunity to show more of the uniform.

Judges: Rachel Stuart/The Villages Daily Sun, Amy Correnti/The Villages Daily Sun, Bill Mitchell/The Villages Daily Sun