Region 9 – August 2015 – Feature/Multiple

Judges Comments

Although the category was small there were some good stories. Most were good collections of good pictures. The 1st place cafe series stood out for documenting small town USA. variety of photos showed time spent hanging out and getting to know the place. It would have been better if different times of day would have been night or early AM. Had a nice focus. 2nd-- was just a nice series of people having fun on a huge water slide. It was asked what happened at the end of the slide? Good expressions and moments. Photographer worked the angles and different points of view. 3rd--Series of Rodeo photos. It would have been SO much stronger to follow a single cowboy through the event. Editing would have helped all as with the Cafe Story. MANY similar pics. Tighter edits on both the Cafe and Rodeo would have helped.

Judges: Jeff Goulding/Marist College, Com345 Class