Region 8 – August 2015 – General News

Judges Comments

Out of what was submitted here, we could not identify two more photographs for awards. It appears that many of the images are not toned for color balance, contrast and basic adjustments. Better attention should be paid to backgrounds, composition and perspective - a missed moment with the confederate flag (the photographs are about the men's bellies most of all because of vantage point and wide angle lens), longer lens, shorter depth of field and lower angle would have helped the senior citizen shot. With many of these, little attention has been paid to the way elements in the photographs are seen together.. the child getting an immunization, for example, appears to be reacting to being punched in the shoulder. The viewer shouldn't have to work to understand why someone made the picture. Most of the captions need work - better writing and information would help.

Judges: Loret Steinberg/Rochester Institute of Technology, Christopher Capozziello/Freelance