New England – August 2022 – Photo Story/Essay

Judges Comments

*One overall note to all of the entries in this category, both those that won and that didn't — all of these were highly event-based, with most of the images coming from the events themselves. The best stories often have some images from behind-the-scenes, where no one is usually looking. 1st - This was a really fun story. A nice variety of pictures in terms of light, focal length, angles, high energy action vs. in-between moments, etc., all of which kept us engaged. 2nd - Another fun story, with a really good eye for light and color. This one especially could've used some more images that weren't from the actual circus, to make it feel more like a photo story and less like coverage of an event. 3rd - A nice feature story with some really beautiful scenes. Could've sequenced it differently, balancing the images of the main character with the images of the balloon and the ones from the POV of being in the balloon, as opposed to grouping them.

Judges: Chase Sutton/POLITICO, Kylie Cooper/Seattle Times, Hannah Beier/freelance