New England – August 2022 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

1st - This was another pretty clear winner. A really unique picture, from an angle we had never seen before. You waited for the exact moment you could see his face as he reached down for his shoe, and it paid off. This is the type of image you could probably never make covering pro sports. 2nd - The clapping opponent in the foreground is what makes this picture. You could've just gotten the hug, but this picture truly shows how much Fowles is respected by her peers across the league, and it tells the story way stronger. 3rd - Like the second place image, this is another example of how finding secondary layers can make an image much stronger. This one gave all of the judges a laugh, and it’s much more intriguing than what the action photo alternative would've been.

Judges: Chase Sutton/POLITICO, Kylie Cooper/Seattle Times, Hannah Beier/freelance