NY/International – June 2022 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

First Place: This photo captured the best emotion of all the entries and thus won out. While it could have been toned a little better, it still had great colors and captured a nice moment. Second Place: This was the best photo of all the entries from a technical standpoint. Good job by the photographer to be at the right time and place to capture the bucolic beauty of upstate New York. Third Place: There was some debate over which entry would take third. This image eventually won out because it was a unique moment. From a technical standpoint, the judges would have liked a better crop, showing more of the overpass where the concert was seemingly held and much less of the back of the security guard's head. The photo of the kid a Legoland might have placed if there was more emotion captured on the child's face and/or his eyes were more visible. A near miss.

Judges: Patrick Lantrip/Daily Memphian, Mark Weber/Daily Memphian