NY/International – June 2022 – General News

Judges Comments

Not a very strong category overall. Too many backs of heads. Too much reliance on signage as a storytelling element. Would have like to have seen more faces and emotions. First Place: Nice toning, nice crop, good expressions. Good job capturing a unique tradition. And good job on the photographer for self-editing and not adding a bunch of redundant photos to this entry. Second Place: This entry generated the most debate. There were way too many photos in this entry that ultimately weighed down the stronger ones. Self-editing can be hard but is a necessary skill to learn. The redundancy almost cost this entry an award. Ultimately though, it appeared the photographer worked hard to get intimate access, which was the entries saving grace. might If it were edited down to 1 to 3 entries, it would have placed higher.

Judges: Patrick Lantrip/Daily Memphian, Mark Weber/Daily Memphian