Midwest – June 2022 – Portrait/Illustration

Judges Comments

While utilizing a mirror in a portrait is as commonplace as the second base/double play photo in sports, this was a great execution. We didn't need the caption and it encapsulated the chaos of the situation. A very simple portrait, but it does it's job well. To us, it spoke to the youth who will be affected by new reproductive health laws the most. We know most people are upset and yelling, but the quiet confidence in this photo spoke to us. Nice image, but we thought it could use more work with placement of the hand. It's a nice portrait, but it doesn't really say much about the subject. As newspaper photojournalists, we recognize these situations we get thrown into with little background information and know how hard it can be to just make an interesting photo. This was a nice job of finding some light on location and using it, but it could be helped by some cropping.

Judges: Sam Morris/Las Vegas News Bureau, Kevin Cannon/Las Vegas Review Journal