West – April 2022 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

We loved the tenderness and separation shown in the first place photo. Dropping down low (which was also a characteristic of the second place image) gave these dancers a presence within the frame and their connection was further highlighted by their distance from the other dancers. The second place image gave a strong sense of the connection between the rider and her horse, and the low angle here helped clean up the photo wonderfully. As educators, we are constantly telling our students to get down low and get up high - this will be a strong example for us to use. The third place image demonstrated exploration, of the photojournalist looking and moving around a space, finding a unique perspective that adds some whimsy to what can be a static event. Overall, we saw several images that we liked for their strong composition and moment but felt couldn’t be rewarded because the captions were weak, either not giving us a fuller understanding of the moment or lacking identifying information. Perhaps we’re old school, but photojournalism is a blend of great imagery that tells a story – without names, the story is often missing. We also found several images that we felt were over-toned and no longer represented a lighting reality others would recognize.

Judges: Mark E. Johnson/University of Georgia, Dr. Kyser Lough/University of Georgia, Dr. Andrea Hudson/University of Georgia