West – April 2022 – General News

Judges Comments

The first place image was immediately called out - a dynamic composition with an emotional moment, the hands to the face and body language resonated with us deeply. The image showed a level of access, comfort and connection. In the second place image we saw an elegant way of telling a phenomenally difficult story. This quiet, behind the scenes look was nicely layered, took advantage of the light available and, again, demonstrated a level of access and understanding. The third place package was full of emotion, moments and strong visual variety - every image told a different part of the story and showed how passionate these student engineers were. This is a piece we will teach from and hope that newsrooms will continue to invest in well crafted stories like this, stories that will advance a community’s understanding of itself. Extra bonus points for identifying all of the competitors, as well.

Judges: Mark E. Johnson/University of Georgia, Dr. Kyser Lough/University of Georgia, Dr. Andrea Hudson/University of Georgia