West – April 2022 – Spot News

Judges Comments

There were not many entries in this category, but the first place package had two images that would have placed it first and second had they been singles. The fourth image in the package has a wonderful sense of light and contrast and while there isn’t an overwhelming moment, it drew us in and held our attention. The fifth and final image in the sequence has a beautiful composition to it, nicely framed and layered. Another package, which was disqualified because it was only two images when there was a minimum of three needed, provoked a lot of conversation around the publication of a (covered) body. The second image in the package showed the downed motorcycle with a friend of the rider walking behind it. We did wish she was identified (see comments in several other categories this month, we are sticklers for names).

Judges: Mark E. Johnson/University of Georgia, Dr. Kyser Lough/University of Georgia, Dr. Andrea Hudson/University of Georgia