Northwest – July 2021 – Photo Story/Essay

Judges Comments

It was great to see entries with weighty tops from fires to science. However, many essays were bogged down my redundant and weak images. In this contest the photographer decides what's included -- consider every frame in the entry... 1) Paleontologists in the cave was the best edited essay with an interesting topic. Wide-medium and tight composition works with smart sequencing keeping the viewer interested. 2) The Nez Perce Tribe Land Blessing is a nicely shot package showing joy of participants. A smart choice using the overall as the ender sowing the reader the land in question. 3) The biologists studying golden eagles is nicely shot with the photographer getting up to the nest level. Wide-medium-tight shooting helps immensely when telling this story. But there are at least three photos too many pulling it down a spot.

Judges: Caroline Couig/Independent Visuals Editor, Bradley E. Clift/Independent Photographer