Midwest – January 2022 – General News

Judges Comments

First place seems more like a feature, than general news, but we commend the photographer's desire to make an interesting image from a daily story. We liked the layering, spacing, and use of shadow and highlight. Wish we could see a clearer silhouette in the innertube hole or a nice moment. Second place is an image to definitely take from the situation. It is also in dire need of a crop to enhance the image's impact. Coming in from left mostly, to stay within the brick wall and a little from the top and bottom- also the exposure could have been used to better let the shadows fall away and be less distracting. We liked the visuals of the third place image and also felt that it lacked feeling/life. Maybe waiting for a time when some activity could have been captured as well would have given it more interest and human connection.

Judges: Melissa Sue Gerrits/Freelance, Andrew Craft/The Fayetteville Observer