Midwest – April 2022 – General News

Judges Comments

Such a great month in the General News category. The judges looked at the entries in this category much like we would in the Photo Story category. Lots of strong work. 1st – Immediately rose to the top. Incredible opening image and every other consecutive image had a purpose. A tough assignment to say the least, this photographer demonstrated a great commitment to telling this story visually, right up to the final frame. 2nd – The MLK story was also well executed with a lot of nods to the past. The strong visual ques about the historic MLK assignation was well represented in the lead photo. There were also important news makers and emotion from a planned event. And a nice tight edit. 3rd – Great work by the photographer to compose so many, emotionally driven pictures to tell the story of the BLM movement.

Judges: Michael G. Seamans/Morning Sentinel, Jim Evans/Independent