West – January 2022 – Spot News

Judges Comments

First Place: This is a very powerful image, and we can tell just how windy it is. We feel like the light from the helmet really makes the photo. If the time stamp of 3:15 a.m. is correct, it shows the dedication of the photographer to get out there and capture this moment. Second Place: We like the contrast between the silhouettes and the color of the sky. The viewer can tell what they're looking at just from the shapes of the hats and ladder. Third Place: These photos have a wow factor, but the series is too repetitive. If the photographer entered just one photo in this category, it may have placed higher. Alternate: Kudos to the photographer for being on the scene to capture this moment. We would have liked to see the next couple of frames. Would have been nice to see an image where the firefighter is closer to the fire. Still a great photo with vibrant colors.

Judges: Rachel Stuart/The Villages Daily Sun, George Horsford/The Villages Daily Sun, Amy Correnti/The Villages Daily Sun, Bill Mitchell / The Villages Daily Sun, Michael Johnson / The Villages Daily Sun, India Pantin / The Villages Daily Sun