West – January 2022 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

First Place: This looks like difficult lighting conditions, so we appreciate the good lighting in this photo. The photographer really captured the color and expression in this moment of a unique sport. Second Place: This is a great, joyful moment with nice lighting. The fan on the left helps lead the viewer's eyes to the father-son celebration. In what was surely a chaotic situation, the photographer was able to come away with a moment that tells a story. Third Place: The clean background makes the viewer's eyes go straight to the joyful celebration. We like how the hands and helmets help frame the main subject. Alternate: It can be hard to capture emotion in golf, so we appreciated this image that the photographer made.

Judges: Rachel Stuart/The Villages Daily Sun, George Horsford/The Villages Daily Sun, Amy Correnti/The Villages Daily Sun, Bill Mitchell / The Villages Daily Sun, Michael Johnson / The Villages Daily Sun, India Pantin / The Villages Daily Sun