Mid-Atlantic – April 2021 – Photo Story/Essay

Judges Comments

This is the most powerful array of photos in the entire batch of images submitted to the contest this month. We had the most discussion about these images and it was definitely the most difficult to choose winners from. Great job, fellow photographers who all entered amazing work into this category!! 1. Very varied array of images telling and showing this huge news from so many different angles, nicely done. You can palpably sense relief about the verdict throughout the images. 2. Carefully crafted and beautifully told. We appreciate the time spent behind the scenes with the subject. 3. We love these photos and appreciate and know first-hand how long it often takes to take and how hard it can be to photograph wildlife like this.

Judges: Allegra Boverman/New Hampshire Union Leader, Geoff Forester/Concord Monitor, Mark Bolton/Independent Photographer