Region 11 – June 2015 – Spot News

Judges Comments

We could have gone either way on the first and second place images. First place won due to the fact that most to all of the photos gave us a sense of urgency, like we were fleeing our own homes due to the fire. A great job by the photographer to take the readers into a place they will never get to go and really show them what it's like. Second place did something that the first place images didn't which was show the total devastation. A great idea to get up high and show the vastness of the fire's destruction. The first image of the third place winner was the strongest and we probably would have just left it there. Nice way to silhouette the fireman and show the vastness of the fire in one frame.

Judges: Bart Boatwright/The Greenville News (SC), Mykal McEldowney/The Greenville News (SC)