Southeast – February 2021 – Spot News

Judges Comments

There were a lot of good entries in this category. It took us longer to judge this than any of the others. None of the photos jumped out as clear winner, as there were around eight images that could have easily won. First place was a unique photo of the inside of the building after the fire. It was amazing that the donuts were still sitting the shelves after the building burned. Second was a good aerial photo of utility trucks lined up to help after a storm. We liked this photo because to use it wasn't the obvious photo that would have been taken as the scene. Most of us would have gone out with a crew and taken pictures there. The photographer looked for something different and it payed off. Third place was a nice photo of a firefighter spraying water. Good use of the lights from emergency vehicles at the scene.

Judges: Eli Lucero/The Herald Journal, John Zsiray/The Utah Statesman, Jeffrey Allred/Deseret News