Mid-Atlantic – October 2020 – General News

Judges Comments

We noticed a couple of photos that were put in the wrong category, for example, protest coverage is generally considered general news, but once arrests are being made or people start getting hurt we consider images depicting that to be spot news. On to the winners - We like the feeling of the first-place winner and we appreciated the scope of all the ballons captured in the second-place winner but thought it may have helped to photograph from a lower angle to clean up the background a bit. The third-place winner was a multiple photo entry that could have been edited down tighter, possibly to just 3-4 of the strongest photos in the set.

Judges: Sam Owens/Evansville Courierr & Press, Denny Simmons/Evansville Courierr & Press, MaCabe Brown/Evansville Courierr & Press