New England – January 2020 – Spot News

Judges Comments

First= great moment, clean moment and great light. This was a clear number one in our academy. Second = good moment and we really empathized with the faces layered in the photograph. Third = This set of images was debated at length: we felt that the sixth frame in this set (woman on the ground with crews tending to her) was likely the strongest frame in the category, or at least capable of giving first place a run for its money. It has a good moment - epic light etc - but, that it was buried in with five other frames really compromised its case for first place. All three of us felt that the entry would have been best edited tightly with just the last frame. Ultimately, we concluded the set was still worthy of merit, but that it was weighed down by the extra images in the edit.

Judges: Tyler Tjomsland/The Spokesman-Review, Rajah Bose/Freelance, Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review