NY/International – January 2020 – General News

Judges Comments

This category was full of raw emotion photos. Some of it real, some of it simulated. We are not a fan of drills and simulations as news, at least when that coverage wanders into looking like coverage of actual news happenings. The challenge of general news is finding a way to make many routine events visually compelling. This is the test of both our skills and talents. It’s nice when it’s easy, when it’s spoon-fed to us in the form of tears. Our top picks popped out at us quickly. First was, well, read the Feature comments, a really nicely shot moment from a planned and orchestrated event. Composed well with command of light and focus. The funeral in second needed (broken record here) a much tighter edit, but the three images in the set that we found to be really strong carried the entry. Maybe as only three photos, or even just the single best shot, it might have risen to first. Third was a really good moment, but the judges questioned if the photographer entered the un-edited file, it needed a crop, desperately. It too might have placed higher.

Judges: Sean D. Elliot/The Day, Peter Huoppi/The Day, Dana Jensen/The Day, Sarah Gordon/The Day