National – October 2019 – General News

Judges Comments

The intimacy, emotion and complex content of the Haitian funeral stopped us and it quickly rose to the top of the entries. It was a challenge to pick between that and the (second place) tearful reaction of the mother during the Memphis press conference – which was simple, emotive and stirring. The reaction at the conclusion of the trial of Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was a powerful, climax moment in a moving and dreadful national/international story. Other images that spoke to us included the woman from Eastham, fighting the winds during the storm, as well as Master Sergeant homecoming hug, and the sheep on the Utah highway.

Judges: Dr. Martin Smith-Rodden/Ball State University, Dr. Kevin Moloney/Ball State University, Grace Hollars/The Indianapolis Star, Ryan Sparrow/Ball State University