National – October 2019 – Photo Story/Essay

Judges Comments

This category gave us some very hard choices. The oil-coated Venezuelan fishing village was an immediate standout for first place and presented as a beautifully executed narrative piece – crafted, edited and presented without any deficit. The Haitian photo essay in second place was another well-constructed package, with the photographer being transparent in their approach to the people, culture and pathos there. In third, the story on “Mama Lou” was an exemplary personality profile, well-worked and from the heart. The picture of her leading the choir on Easter Sunday is nothing less than iconic. Others worth mentioning were the Kincade fire – as well as the trial of attempted murder in Buffalo (exemplary courtroom coverage), the relocation of the Alaskan village, and the elementary school custodian.

Judges: Dr. Martin Smith-Rodden/Ball State University, Dr. Kevin Moloney/Ball State University, Grace Hollars/The Indianapolis Star, Ryan Sparrow/Ball State University