National – October 2019 – Sports Action

Judges Comments

This is always a well-photographed category. First place didn’t disappoint, with the great combination of moment, action and expression. The second place image of the TD at the high school game is a textbook example of being prepared to capture peak action and important plays on a (poorly-lit) high school field. The tight and clean action of the pass interference was an unusual image to us, and edged into the winning pictures as third. Also worthy of “honorable mentioning” were the Buffalo Bills receiver Cole Beasely making a catch – along with other great images including the tight action from the Iowa/Purdue game, the Los Angeles FC soccer, and the blocked punt in Appleton, Wis.

Judges: Dr. Martin Smith-Rodden/Ball State University, Dr. Kevin Moloney/Ball State University, Grace Hollars/The Indianapolis Star, Ryan Sparrow/Ball State University