National – October 2019 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

This was another category that gave us some hard choices among all the great work. The first place child reacting to the prophy was a perfect image that that easily rose to winners status – her expression simply “made” the image. In second place, the kissing after the game winning goal was a priceless storytelling image, layered with priceless reactions from behind the couple. As third place, the girl on the Campbell County Football team was a charming and fun moment which gave viewers insight to the character and personality of the subject – and could have been equally effective as a portrait. Other great images included the magic-hour warm-up before the game at Sahuaro High School – as well as the peak jubilation reaction image at the WMAC final.

Judges: Dr. Martin Smith-Rodden/Ball State University, Dr. Kevin Moloney/Ball State University, Grace Hollars/The Indianapolis Star, Ryan Sparrow/Ball State University