Midwest – November 2019 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

FIRST PLACE-This photograph goes far beyond sport as competition in a subtle moment that depicts sport as culture. The moment is rendered beautifully, making the best use of available light. The composition gives each character in this tableau his own personal space with delightful variation within repetition. The photo offers many opportunities for metaphorical interpretation. The inclusion of the man with the young boy on his shoulders allows the audience to imagine high school football’s past and future. SECOND PLACE-This is a creative use of evening light. The judges appreciate that the photographer stuck with this situation long enough to see it through. One quibble for the photographer – please clean your sensor. THIRD PLACE- While the judges wished for slightly tighter crop on the bottom, the overall effect of the photo is strong. There is great separation of hands and fingers. The unusual perspective produced an ethereal effect. The photo captures the wider spectacle of sporting events. The soldiers literally holding up the flag strikes clear metaphorical notes.

Judges: Thorne Anderson/University of North Texas, Danny Fulgencio/Advocate Magazine, Christena Dowsett/Independent