NY/International – September 2019 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

This is a category that unfortunately has not been taken advantage of enough by those who take sports photos. Photos of kids cheering on the sideline have become the norm. Unless it's a real amazing moment, that is what players do when their team scores! Translation, show us the sport you are covering in an interesting way. The winning photo is a great story telling moment, with the intensity shown in all of their faces adding to the tension that can be felt looking at the image. Second place is a real interesting moment, perfectly captured by the photographer. While it takes a little while to make out what is going on, it does translate to a captivating image that tells us a story. An interesting moment, that casts the game in a completely different light. Third place is another example of sports being shown in the context of 'feature' photography. There is so much happening in this frame, that it forces the viewer to step back and slowly work his/her way through the image, discovering the various layers of swimmers, color, reflections and so on. Great job.

Judges: Peter Pereira/The Standard-Times, Josh Souza/New Bedford Guide