NY/International – September 2019 – Spot News

Judges Comments

The trend in this category is the same as that across many of the others. Photographers are creating multiple photo entries when they should have just entered a single frame. Spot news needs to have a single photo that grabs your attention and tells you everything you need to know. The winning entry falls victim to that trend as well, with far too many images, when one would have been better. It won not only because that one photo, is better than any of the other photos in any of the other entries, but it had at least two others that can make that claim as well. Second place is a tight image that captures the moment, and creates a narrative that can be read, the longer you look at the photo. It's little tight on the left, possibly missing the story telling happening there, because of the 'weight' of the overturned vehicle in the overall context of the composition. Third place was another entry that could have gone with just a single image.

Judges: Peter Pereira/The Standard-Times, Josh Souza/New Bedford Guide