Region 7 – May 2015 – Sports

Judges Comments

This was a strong category First place has a cinematic feeling and great storytelling with good emotion and good caption. Lost of other emotion in the images in this category but we felt there was an added element of risk taking in this image that the others didn't quite have. Second place had some beautiful light, and was the result of a photographer who seems to know baseball well to see that double play attempt happening. We know those few seconds go by quickly and applaud the photographer for the angle, use of light and shadow and peak moment. Softball Fan Catch third place - Great moment and smart thinking on the part of the photographer to see the fans coming in for the catch. Interesting that the player is sandwiched between two fans there. We gave three photos honorable mentions. Wonderful championship baseball reaction images in the bunch. This one of the players perfectly squeezing the one player in the center of the image really sparked our interested. HM2 - Standard but really excellent diving catch photo. Love the eyes, sharpness, color and ball in the air. Wish we could have shot that any day! HM3 - This image of the baseball celebration pile was well done, including the jumping player but also the keen eye of the photographer to see the opposing player in the background, which helps to make the image work. We decided to assign three entries as alternates, because the category was very strong. Congrats to all.

Judges: Josh Meltzer/RIT | Truth with a Camera, Chris Tyree/Orb Media | Truth with a Camera