West – September 2019 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

This was by far the strongest category for entries. The alpaca and corn photos gave us an immediate laugh. The alpaca photo has a wonderful diagonal of different colored, cute animals leading us to the improbable look of disgust on the subject's face. Too funny. The melon photo was originally in our top five, but as we spoke about it became our number one. It's not an immediate emotional read, but the pulled back framing allows the eye to roam over the details of the room. We can't tell who tossed the melon and who is receiving the melon. There are strong diagonals crossing through the frame and a muted palette that make us keep looking at the image. It's a quieter photo, but the winner for us.

Judges: Julia Robinson/Independent, Vivian Abagiu/University of Texas, Catalin Abagiu/Austin Community College