West – September 2019 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

This category was also lightly entered. [Are you listening, folks?! Get those entries in by the deadline!] We initially passed over this picture but brought it back into the top five. Each element in this frame is dejected in it's own sphere, a defender who missed an interception, a receiver who almost let that happen, and the ball that ended up going nowhere. It was again a quiet frame that won us over. The quality of light and detail of the necklaces caught our eye immediately and we debated for some time as to whether it was enough to make an award. The photographer was definitely focusing on the edges of the field of play and there's a great photo to be made here if the details can muster more meaning.

Judges: Julia Robinson/Independent, Vivian Abagiu/University of Texas, Catalin Abagiu/Austin Community College