Region 7 – May 2015 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

First place in the cemetery we felt had a moment of storytelling that none of the others did in this group. That said, we'd like to have read more in the caption about who this boy is. Is he visiting a relative's grave on memorial day or.....? Captions help a photo a lot. It's clean though, and we enjoyed the pattern repeated. Mask photo second place - Nice composition but wait for a moment there in the background. With that nice composition use deeper depth of field to tell the story in the background as well. Nice use of layering. Good caption info helped this photograph. Third place trapeze woman - We enjoyed what was almost a nice composition but wondered why the knee was cropped out..felt she needs space around her in the air. Enjoyed the perfectly placed umbrella figure and nice diagonal line. The caption appears to have been mis-copied but we gave the photographer the benefit of doubt here that it may have been mis-moved during the contest judging.

Judges: Josh Meltzer/RIT | Truth with a Camera, Chris Tyree/Orb Media | Truth with a Camera