Midwest – September 2019 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

Some mis-categorized entries here – esp. General News. However, without those entries, picking would be much slimmer. The “slice of life” images really rose to the top quickly! 1st place: Showed more than just shooting basketball, it was also about family and creativity in play. The photographer included a nice slice of the neighborhood in the background which gave us more information with which to interpret the whole story. 2nd place: Showed the excitement of the moment on the face of the kid as well as his mother enjoying his happiness. Even though the kid was posing with his catch, it still felt unposed in terms of the genuine-ness of the moment. 3rd Place: Beautiful shot, very well composed, had a sense of movement – the photographer captured the instant when the flag billowed with absolute perfection. The image was well-balanced - the huge flag didn’t overpower the people, and the people are what made the moment.

Judges: Jay Capers/Freelance, Khadejeh Nikouyeh/News & Record, Jen Hughey/Freelance