Midwest – September 2019 – Sports Action

Judges Comments

The top choices were dominated by football images – hard to beat the dramatic action of a football game. There were very strong images for other sports – many that we would have been very happy to have captured. But the entries for football were just so strong. There were a couple of Sports Feature images that slid into this category – for example jube photos. Many of the pictures that could have been more powerful and impactful with a better crop. Also – one photographer watermarked his pictures in this (and other) categories. 1st place: Great body language, two players off the ground, dramatic action. Nice separation from a busy background as well. 2nd place: Great action moment. If it had been cropped for impact it may well have taken the top spot. 3rd place: Loved the moment – it felt fresh, it engendered empathy, capturing something of the sense of desperation of the play. It was cropped well and it gave us story along with moment.

Judges: Jay Capers/Freelance, Khadejeh Nikouyeh/News & Record, Jen Hughey/Freelance