Midwest – September 2019 – Spot News

Judges Comments

Only 5 entries! Lightning picture was more just a pretty picture – but did not seem to really demonstrate news – did it belong in this category? A stronger caption would have helped it! Captions here are critical to fill in the story of why the image is important. The lightning caption de-elevated that image, while the SWAT team caption pointed us toward some of the key elements of the picture, like the light in the window. 1st place: Framing is effective in this instance, especially with the two sections of light flanking the pool of light in the center. The layering of these areas of light gave us multiple stories and viewpoints to consider. I found it particularly cool because of the almost noir style of the image. 2nd place: The fire image grabbed our attention instantly – We liked how the frame divided into two triangles, the composition was effective. 3rd place: the SWAT team had that sense of immediacy to the action – you felt in the moment.

Judges: Jay Capers/Freelance, Khadejeh Nikouyeh/News & Record, Jen Hughey/Freelance