Region 7 – May 2015 – Feature/Multiple

Judges Comments

First place has some very nice moments for a daily story coverage. The image in the beauty parlor is particularly nice, with good layering, moment and composition. There is nice visual diversity in the first place entry though we felt there weren't strong opening or closing images to the story and the order could improved. The second place story had much less visual variety than the first place story but 2-3 of the images use light and layering quite well. We wish the photographer was a bit more patient to get some of the composition nailed, but good use of quiet moments. The story would have been stronger with a tighter edit, specifically the one of the green socks could have been removed or shot much much tighter or more uniquely, and then eliminating one other photo could have helped. Too many of the images were also shot from the same point of view. Only two entries in this category.

Judges: Josh Meltzer/RIT | Truth with a Camera, Chris Tyree/Orb Media | Truth with a Camera