Southeast – August 2019 – General News

Judges Comments

First place quickly moved to the top for its sense of intimacy and emotion. While the image may lack a "moment" that is compensated by the emotional impact of the story it tells. Second place stood out for similar reasons as first place. It is a well captured image that tells a surprising story. Although the caption is definitely needed for the full understanding here, it still does a good job to capture the emotional impact. Third place is a well captured moment with good energy and interesting composition. The expression captured and interesting composition saved this imaged from simply being a "sign photo." Overall we felt that this category could have benefited from the use of more storytelling images. Some images felt like they lacked an apparent sense of newsworthiness, while others just left they didn't strike the right note for the event covered.

Judges: Daniel Vasta/Freelance, JuliAnna Patino/New York Times