National – July 2019 – Portrait/Illustration

Judges Comments

This category was challenging. In a category that is largely filled with controlled lighting and posed portraits, pictures should be stellar when you have command over the situation. Moments can be captured during portraits and these three, as it turns out, are all natural light. First - This picture popped out with its realness. How can you not be drawn to her? She beams with pride and happiness as water drips off her chin. This one hits all the high marks. Second - natural light was handled really well. The composition is very good with background actions telling us part of the story without overpowering the portrait. Great caption that helps tell the story. Third - Beautiful light and a lovely quiet moment during an event. Good seeing.

Judges: Sue Morrow/NPPA Magazine, Michael Rondou/Retired San Jose Mercury News, John Agnone/Retired National Geographic