New England – July 2019 – General News

Judges Comments

This category was a bit of a mess, with way too many multiple-photo entries that had way too many weak photos included. Yeah, yeah, we know, the judges said "edit tighter." Broken record. We get it. We all do it. But when you are trying to narrow a category like this down it really rings true. We saw coverage of multiple funerals in this category, entered many ways, but in the end this solid single rose above the noise for first place. The second place entry is beautiful moment that brings a human connection to a 'government' story in a poignant and dignified way. Kudos to the photographer on this. Third was the best of the rest from many multiple photo entries that all suffered from various editing struggles.

Judges: Vernon Bryan/The Dallas Morning News, Lynda Gonzalez/The Dallas Morning News, Smiley Pool/The Dallas Morning News