Midwest – June 2019 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

This category led to the most conversation between judges, which is great. Among the winners in this large categories were images that led us to become quite passionate about the entries that spoke to us most. The first place image is a very Norman Rockwell-like look at two children, who both add so much to make this quaint photo, something timeless. The ball toss by the lead subject, and the engagement with a book or pamphlet by the other led us to speculate about the youthful conversation they were likely having. This image could be even stronger with a slightly tighter crop, but everything else is perfect. The second place image just has so much going on and is kind of amusing seeing the group of people situating themselves so closely on a limited size of blanket to watch fireworks. The third place entry is of concertgoers with great color and the engagement between the person at center and just to their right makes the moment and the image.

Judges: Matt Smith/Independent, Saed Hindash/NJ Advance