Region 5 – November 2015 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

We would love to take the 16-35mm lens away from everyone in this region... just for a month. Just inserting yourself in a situation with the lens set to 20mm and wide open, isn't enough.The images that placed clearly showed some thought by the photographer, and are good examples of how a photographer can make an image, not just take one. 1st - it's relying on the lighting and composition and not so much the moment. Graphically it's nice eye candy, but waiting for a moment would've only helped. But it takes a level of seeing that's commendable. 2nd - quirky photo, with things like color and light working for it. would've loved a little more of a moment or some layering, which would've elevated this scene. But kudos to the photographer for stepping away from the action and bringing back an unexpected image from a Santa run. 3rd - had the best moment of any of the three, even though she's isolated and interacting with a wall.

Judges: Melissa Lyttle/Independent Photojournalist, Sol Neelman/Weird Sports Photographer