Region 5 – November 2015 – Feature/Multiple

Judges Comments

Super lame category. Not much time or thought went into any of these multiple feature entries, and none show much of a commitment in vision from the photographers. 1st - solid day in the life type feel from a program delivering food to folks over 60. there's not much depth in the story, though there are some nice moments and compositions throughout. one tip here would be to use daily assignments like this as a springboard to do something more in depth. surely one of those getting food has a great story to tell, or perhaps the young woman delivering the meals... what's her story and what's her dinner time look like? 2nd - took advantage of other people's creativity, using artwork to create compelling backgrounds. there was some nice seeing in this entry at least as far as composition and use of light and reflection goes. it's definitely relying on the graphically pleasing scenes to make the image.

Judges: Melissa Lyttle/Independent Photojournalist, Sol Neelman/Weird Sports Photographer